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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interior Design Online. ( interior design schools )

interior design schools

Online Interior Design Schools give students the option of learning to apply their interest in environmental aesthetic appeal and design at home at their own convenience. Students can get hands-on experience in fabric selection, purchasing furniture, and interaction with suppliers.

Online Interior Design students will learn to determine client needs, use principles and elements of color and design; floor, wall and window treatments; and to begin and operate a business in Interior Design and Interior Decorating.

Online Interior Design students can also expect to be presented with courses in communications, history of design and architecture, three-dimensional design, computer-aided drafting and design, space planning, and problem solving. Coursework should also cover hospitality design, retail store design, specialty design, exhibit design, and corporate design.

Possibilities for specialization in Online Interior Design programs are varied and broad. Interior Design students can choose to focus on particular aspect of design, such as styles, color schemes, and furnishings; specific locations, such as pleasing environments for medical waiting rooms; or commercial designs for dedicated functions. Specializations can be focused entirely on residential kitchens, recreation areas, or bathrooms, or on restaurant kitchens or restaurant seating areas. Careers in Interior Design field can be as broad or as narrow as the Interior Design professional chooses.

Graduate programs in Online Interior Design are also offered. Graduate level Online Interior Design courses prepare students for more independent and higher level positions in commercial and residential design, planning, showroom management, as well as positions in office management. Online Interior Design graduate students may also focus on preparations for success taking the National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination, which will provide them with industry-recognized credentials for practicing as professionals in the field of Interior Design.

You can find an Online Interior Design School today to begin preparing for that exciting new career in Interior Design by searching the many options right here at

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